Anti Tank

Name: Richard, but Rich is cool
Age: 18
Location: London, UK
Favourite Maps: Desert BC + Terries, Creep CTF.
Favourite Units: My fav. units have to be ghols for sure (hint hint tanks=) then possibly trow.
Least favourite maps: None, though I don't play dire very much.
Least favourite units: I hate souls and thrall. I'm also quite poor with archers.
Quote: "When I'm good, I'm good. When I'm bad I'm better"
System: AMD 200 , 64mb ram , voodoo 2 which always seems to crash when i load a game in myth.
Connection: ADSL
Greatest Bungie peeves: Rank Whores. Why can't people enjoy games? Isn't that why you buy one? To relax? Yes? No?