Pernod Tank

Name: Ed
Location: London
Favourite Maps: Desert and Creep (and a little bit of Grave). Good maps because of their size and the central water features which allow for good tactical play and lots of wightings. These are the only two maps that your likely to find me playing in ranked - unless Ic looks like he needs some points and then I'll play Grave :P
Least Favourite Map: TROW! Same map but such a poor selection of units. Can't really put my finger on it but I think the problem lies with the trow - if you play this trowless it becomes much more bearable. Trow, you either love 'em or hate 'em.
Favourite Unit: Ghols. What can I say? They're so dumb, but hey, they can throw pus :) There's nothing more annoying for your opponents than ghols running around behind their main force!
Least Favourite Unit: Trow. They spoil nearly all the maps they appear on - No fun :(
Preferred Role: I love being out on a flank with a reasonable sized force so I can harrass the enemy (ie 3 or 4 ghols and a couple of warrs). I like to think I'm quite good at using pus, and if all else fails give me the thrall, tagging wights is soooo much fun. I can cap OK I guess but my tactics tend to be "CHARGE" lol.
Warning: I like to play Myth when I get home from the pub so beware! It's not always wise to team with me when I've had a few pints as I tend to get illusions of invincibility. If you've seen it you'll know what I mean ;-)
Typical Sayings: 1. "Oh, THAT wight!"
2. "Wow, pretty"
3. "Medic, medic.........MEDIC."

Music from "Thunderbirds are go!"