Night´s shadow
A tank
A Finnish T-72M tank

Age: 18
Country: Finland, Lapland
Timezone: +2 GMT
Favorite maps: Team: Creep and Desert
ffa: Grave and Carnage
Favorite units: Warriors, fast and the most powerful units on Creep and Desert, they can take easily a flag in terries. Ghols are fast flag stealers as well. A dwarf is another favorite, especially when it gets close enough to make some real damage! And of course, devastating wights!
Favorite game mode: Territories! It has much different strategy choices! Grave/terries is always fun as well as Carnage/lmoth/slugfest and Carnage/terries
The most stupid unit: A fetch, it makes always a hit, a dwarven heroes and trows are quite stupid in multiplayer games as well
The most stupid map: Hmm, most dark maps are what I don't really like, but Carnage dark and Dire can be quite funny sometimes, even Trow   :-)
But it depends much the players I am playing with...
Computer: Celeron 566, 256Mt, Matrox G400 32Mt SH, with all the delicacies, like DVD, ZIP and so on   :-)
I've also modified my computer, added a thermometer etc. Check my sites and check articles
Connection ADSL
~TC~ member
(Tank Clan)
Since 14th May, 1999
Rank: Stealth expert!
Principle: "Let's make something that they'll remember"

Check out as well: Ns' homepages (the Myth is a main point of my sites, films, screenshots and so, also there are some fanfiction I've made :-)

(In the background there's a text "Night´s shadow" written in alien font from Babylon 5, the font's name is Shadow :-)